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Week Date Event # Description
1 Jan 4-8 KYFBAK-0101 Harlan County's Nathan Boggs discusses forestry education and their County Award for Excellence.
KYFBAK-0102 Daviess County's Joan Hayden says COVID and tomato plants helped teach kids about food production.
KYFBAK-0103 Greenup County's Carrie Davis says the bee's role in food production teaches the balance of nature.
2 Jan 11-15 KYFBAK-0201 KY Ag Commissioner Ryan Quarles acknowledges agriculture's role in surviving the challenges of 2020.
KYFBAK-0202 Kentucky U.S. 6th District Representative Andy Barr received a Friend of Farm Bureau Award from KFB.
KYFBAK-0203 Kentucky U.S. 2nd District Representative Brett Guthrie received a Friend of Farm Bureau Award from KFB.
3 Jan 18-22 KYFBAK-0301 AFBF President Zippy Duvall says they're building relationships with new leaders in Washington.
KYFBAK-0302 KFB First Vice President Eddie Melton says Farm Bureau policy has grassroots support.
KYFBAK-0303 KFB Second Vice President Sharon Furches says Generation Bridge will develop new advocates for agriculture.
4 Jan 25-29 KYFBAK-0401 KFB President Mark Haney says they support strong fiscal policy and good voting rules for the state.
KYFBAK-0402 Shelbyville Senator Paul Hornback favors moving the Governor's Office of Ag Policy to the KDA.
KYFBAK-0403 Mayfield Representative Richard Heath says Senate Bill 3 has bicameral support in Frankfort.
5 Feb 1-5 KYFBAK-0501 Larue County's Caleb and LeeAnne Ragland awarded nationally by the American Farm Bureau.
KYFBAK-0502 Daviess County's Brandon Gilles was a national finalist in the AFBF Discussion Meet.
KYFBAK-0503 Wayne County's Ann Margaret Hughes was third nationally in the AFBF Excellence in Ag Awards Program.
6 Feb 8-12 KYFBAK-0601 KFB President Mark Haney says county presidents are the heartbeat of the organization.
KYFBAK-0602 KFB Special Projects Director Billy Toombs says applications are being received for 2021 scholarships.
KYFBAK-0603 KFB Women's Committee Chair Mary Jayne Cannon says there's much to celebrate during Food Check-Out Week.
7 Feb 15-19 KYFBAK-0701 KFB First Vice President Eddie Melton says more consumers are buying food direct from the farm.
KYFBAK-0702 KFB Executive Vice President Drew Graham says a Production Agriculture Coalition will focus on ag's need for technology.
KYFBAK-0703 KFB Young Farmer Advisory Committee Chair Heather Graham says ag's next generation has a big responsibility.
8 Feb 22-26 KYFBAK-0801 KFB President Mark Haney has been appointed to a USDA Agriculture Trade Advisory Council for fruits and vegetables. 
KYFBAK-0802 KFB Second Vice President Sharon Furches says the Generation Bridge leadership committee is framing the new program.
KYFBAK-0803 Daviess County Farm Bureau President Joan Hayden says their safety campaign made a difference in their community.
9 March 1-5 KYFBAK-0901 Jefferson County's Bob Williams discusses their partnership to protect Seneca students from COVID-19.
KYFBAK-0902 Larue County's Phyllis Gentry says an essay contest helped raise awareness of mental health and rural suicide.
KYFBAK-0903 Wolfe County's Heather Graham says extension and Farm Bureau partnered to produce safety videos to help their community.
10 March 8-12 KYFBAK-1001 Ag Commissioner Ryan Quarles says the state Ag Tag program supports Kentucky agriculture's future.
KYFBAK-1002 KFB Commodity Division Director Joe Cain says the Kentucky Beef Expo helps improve the beef industry with better genetics.
KYFBAK-1003 KFB Director of Young Farmer Programs Jackson Tolle says marketing is an essential skill for today's farmers.
11 March 15-19 KYFBAK-1101 KFB President Mark Haney says members need to "Be Bold" on challenging issues.
KYFBAK-1102 KFB Member Sherry Newman says giving back to senior adults brings blessings all around.
KYFBAK-1103 Hopkins County Farm Bureau President Shirley Peyton sees the responsibility of leadership at the local level.
12 March 22-26 KYFBAK-1201 KFB Second Vice President Sharon Furches says women's role in agriculture is growing.
KYFBAK-1202 KFB Women's Committee Chair Mary Jayne Cannon says ag literacy is important to Farm Bureau.
KYFBAK-1203 Simpson County Farm Bureau President Laney Snider says the farm voice needs to be heard all across the state.
13 March 29-April 2 KYFBAK-1301 KFB First Vice President Eddie Melton says the financial stakes are higher in 2021.
KYFBAK-1302 KFB Commodity Specialist Fran McCall says consumers have a lot of opportunities to shop a Certified Farm Market.
KYFBAK-1303 Leslie County Farm Bureau President Michelle Wilson says rural broadband is a priority for students statewide.
14 April 5-9 KYFBAK-1401 KFB President Mark Haney says the Kentucky General Assembly made great strides on improving rural broadband coverage.
KYFBAK-1402 KFB Executive Vice President Drew Graham says the Kentucky Department of Agriculture is now home to the Governor's Office of Ag Policy.
KYFBAK-1403 KFB Director of Public Affairs, Jeff Harper says the 2021 Session of the General Assembly was good for Kentucky agriculture.
15 April 12-16 KYFBAK-1501 Generation Bridge Leadership Committee Chairwoman Amanda Gajdzik says this is a dynamic new program for KFB.
KYFBAK-1502 KFB Commodity Division Director Joe Cain says Black Vultures are costing thousands of dollars in losses.
KYFBAK-1503 Generation Bridge Leadership Committee Secretary Sarah Beth Guffey says the new program will bring new opportunities.
16 April 19-23 KYFBAK-1601 Nutrien Ag Climatologist Eric Snodgrass says Kentucky should see more normal growing weather this year.
KYFBAK-1602 KFB First Vice President Eddie Melton says every day is Earth Day for Kentucky farmers.
KYFBAK-1603 KFB Second Vice President Sharon Furches says county leaders are essential to the success of the organization.
17 April 26-30 KYFBAK-1701 Generation Bridge Vice-Chair Tammy White says there is a new program for middle aged Farm Bureau members.
KYFBAK-1702 Breathitt County's Erik Holbrook is encouraged to be a member of KFB's 2021 LEAD Class.
KYFBAK-1703 Hart County Farm Bureau President Hope Reynolds knows the collective strength of the Farm Bureau voice.
18 May 3-7 KYFBAK-1801 AFBF's  Director of Congressional Relations Andrew Wamsley says the climate policy debate is center stage in Washington.
KYFBAK-1802 KFB Insurance CEO John Sparrow says the Clays for a Cause event is helpinig battle food insecurity in the state.
KYFBAK-1803 KFB President Mark Haney says farmers and ranchers are concerned about proposed changes in estate taxes.
19 May 10-14 KYFBAK-1901 KFB First Vice President Eddie Melton says farmers need to openly discuss their position on climate policy.
KYFBAK-1902 Kentucky's Ann Margaret Hughes experienced first hand the cruel reality of the death tax.
KYFBAK-1903 Perry County Farm Bureau President Mary Jones says Farm Bureau is strong because counties work together.
20 May 17-21 KYFBAK-2001 KFB President Mark Haney encourages Kentuckians to get vaccinated for COVID-19.
KYFBAK-2002 Woodford County Farm Bureau President Rebecca Shryock says proposed tax law changes threaten rural America.
KYFBAK-2003 AFBF's Sam Kieffer says proposed corporate and estate taxes may force further consolidation of family farms.
21 May 24-28 KYFBAK-2101 KFB 2nd Vice President Sharon Furches says county leaders hold the future of the organization
KYFBAK-2102 Kentucky Senate President Pro Tempore David Givens supports the  Kentucky Selling Farmers Tax Credit. 
KYFBAK-2103 KOAP Executive Director Brian Lacefield sees tremendous opportunity for Kentucky agriculture.
22 May 31- June 4 KYFBAK-2201 Tracy True with the Dairy Alliance says everyone needs milk in their diet.
KYFBAK-2202 KFB's Scott Christmas invites teachers to attend KFB's Teacher Workshops.
KYFBAK-2203 Todd Van Hoose with the Farm Credit Council says better commodity prices have improved farmer sentiment.
23 June 7-11 KYFBAK-2301 KFB President Mark Haney says Southern Region Farm Bureau leaders recently met to discuss key policy issues.
KYFBAK-2302 Kentucky FFA Executive Director Sheldon McKinney says members are ready for a hybrid convention in Lexington.
KYFBAK-2303 Kentucky 4-H Executive Director Melissa Miller says the State Teen Conference is coming to the UK campus in Lexington.
24 June 14-18 KYFBAK-2401 KFB First Vice President Eddie Melton says technology enables farmers to protect the environment and produce more.
KYFBAK-2402 KFB President Mark Haney says American Rescue Plan funds will help the Commonwealth grow after the COVID pandemic.
KYFBAK-2403 KFB Director of Young Farmer Programs, Jackson Tolle says IFAL is a great opportunity for rural ag youth.
25 June 21-25 KYFBAK-2501 KFB President Mark Haney says federal tax proposals threaten the future of family farms.
KYFBAK-2502 KFB Public Affairs Director Jeff Harper says the policy development process is underway in the Commonwealth.
KYFBAK-2503 KFB Second Vice President Sharon Furches says farmers need support not mandates on climate policy.
26 June 28- July 2 KYFBAK-2601 KFB Livestock and Environmental Field Specialist Renee Carrico says beef producers face disparity in prices received for their animals.
KYFBAK-2602 American Farm Bureau President Zippy Duvall says AFBF is leading the agriculture policy climate debate.
KYFBAK-2603 KFB Executive Vice President Drew Graham says the state budget remains a top priority for rural Kentuckians.
27 July 5-9 KYFBAK-2701 KFB President Mark Haney says soldiers and farmers have a lot in common.
KYFBAK-2702 KFB First Vice President Eddie Melton says policy development dialogue has begun.
KYFBAK-2703 KFB Generation Bridge Leader Tammy White invites members to register for the program's first meeting in August.
28 July 12-16 KYFBAK-2801 KFB's Scott Christmas says gospel music will be on stage at Farm Bureau Day at the Kentucky State Fair.
KYFBAK-2802 KFB Women's Chair Mary Jayne Cannon comments on a Leadership Summit in Covington for Women and Young Farmers.
KYFBAK-2803 KFB Young Farmers Chair Heather Graham says the KFB Leadership Summit for women and Young Farmers is a great opportunity.
29 July 19-23 KYFBAK-2901 KFB President Mark Haney says the 2021 Farm Bureau Ham Breakfast is back on the schedule at the state fair.
KYFBAK-2902 Kentucky Ag Commissioner Ryan Quarles says the 5th annual LAND Forums will benefit farms and manufacturing. 
KYFBAK-2903 Clark County's Terra Pigg says the KFB LEAD Program has helped prepare her for service in her community.
30 July 26-30 KYFBAK-3001 KFB Second Vice President Sharon Furches says Vision 100 is empowering members.
KYFBAK-3002 Mary Lyons with KFB Insurance says Louisville's Repair Affair is a special event.
KYFBAK-3003 Hardin County FB Women's Chair Stephanie Mackey says teaching kids about agriculture is an important responsibility.
31 August 2-6 KYFBAK-3101
32 August 9-13 KYFBAK-3201
33 August 16-20 KYFBAK-3301
34 August 23-27 KYFBAK-3401
35 August 30- Sep 3 KYFBAK-3501
36 Sep 6-10 KYFBAK-3601
37 Sep 13-17 KYFBAK-3701
38 Sep 20-24 KYFBAK-3801
39 Sep 27- Oct 1 KYFBAK-3901
40 Oct 4-8 KYFBAK-4001
41 Oct 11-15 KYFBAK-4101
42 Oct 18-22 KYFBAK-4201
43 Oct 25-29 KYFBAK-4301
44 Nov 1-5 KYFBAK-4401
45 Nov 8-12 KYFBAK-4501
46 Nov 15-19 KYFBAK-4601
47 Nov 22-26 KYFBAK-4701
48 Nov 29-Dec 3 KYFBAK-4801
49 Dec 6-10 KYFBAK-4901
50 Dec 13-17 KYFBAK-5001
51 Dec 20-24 KYFBAK-5101
52 Dec 27-31 KYFBAK-5201