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1 Jan 3-7 KYFBAK-0101 Bourbon County Farm Bureau received the Top County award in Membership Category 2 from KFB for 2021.
KYFBAK-0102 KFB's Jeff Harper outlines top priorities for 2022 session of the Kentucky General Assembly.
KYFBAK-0103 Wolfe County's Reid and Heather Graham have been appointed to the AFBF Young Farmer and Rancher Committee.
2 Jan 10-14 KYFBAK-0201 KFB President Mark Haney says Bluegrass delegates will help shape AFBF policy this week in Atlanta.
KYFBAK-0202 KFB President Mark Haney says it's important for delegates to meet in person this week in Atlanta.
KYFBAK-0203 KFB President Mark Haney says conservation and climate policy will play a role in a new farm bill. 
3 Jan 17-21 KYFBAK-0301 Kentucky Farm Bureau Received the Pinnacle Award at the 2022 AFBF National Meeting.
KYFBAK-0302 AFBF President Zippy Duvall says infrastructure spending could help bolster rural population growth.
KYFBAK-0303 Kentucky's Terry Gilbert received the Founders Award at the 2022 AFBF National Meeting in Atlanta.
4 Jan 24-28 KYFBAK-0401 KFB Second Vice President Sharon Furches says the Generation Bridge Program is gaining momentum.
KYFBAK-0402 KFB First Vice President Eddie Melton says he's concerned about crop input supplies and prices for 2022.
KYFBAK-0403 Bath County Farm Bureau received the Top County award in Membership Category 3 from KFB for 2021.
5 Jan 31- Feb 4 KYFBAK-0501 Laurel County's Todd Brock has been elected to serve on the KFB State Board.
KYFBAK-0502 Clark County Farm Bureau received the Top County award in Membership Category 4 from KFB for 2021.
KYFBAK-0503 Pulaski County Farm Bureau received the Top County award in Membership Category 5 from KFB for 2021.
6 Feb 7- 11 KYFBAK-0601 KFB's Renee Carrico says the state's farmers share concerns over input availability and prices for 2022.
KYFBAK-0602 Kentucky Farm Bureau News Editor Tim Thornberry says the February issue  will soon be available.
KYFBAK-0603 KFB's Todd Bright says thousands of students annually participate in the Jim Claypool Art and Conservation Writing Contest.
7 Feb 14-18 KYFBAK-0701 KFB President Mark Haney says county presidents and vice presidents will gather this week in Louisville.
KYFBAK-0702 KFB Executive Vice President Drew Graham says the organization lobbies for rural issues.
KYFBAK-0703 KFB Insurance Vice-President of Claims Rob Payne says tornado damage exceeds $250 million dollars.
8 Feb 21-25 KYFBAK-0801 KFB First Vice President Eddie Melton says elections will be a key topic at March district Farm Bureau Meetings.
KYFBAK-0802 Kentucky State Fair Board Member Marshall Coyle says it was good to have the farm show back in Louisville this year.
KYFBAK-0803 KFB Beef Advisory Committee Chairman Shane Wiseman says beef producers are getting squeezed in today's market.
9 Feb 28 - Mar 4 KYFBAK-0901 KFB Second Vice-President Sharon Furches sees many benefits of the annual Farm Bureau Congressional Tour. 
KYFBAK-0902 KFB Leap member Katie Cecil sees political prowess is key for farmer leaders.
KYFBAK-0903 KFB's Heather Graham says the YF&R Committee is a tremendous asset to her and her family.
10 March 7-11 KYFBAK-1001 AFBF President Zippy Duvall says federal farm programs protect both farmers and the environment.
KYFBAK-1002 KFB's Renee Carrico says Kentucky beef quality is growing demand in the industry and with consumers.
KYFBAK-1003 KFB's Kyle Kelly says it's important for farmers to work closely with elected leaders in Frankfort and Washington D.C.
11 March 14-18 KYFBAK-1101 KFB President Mark Haney says members work hard to stay in touch with elected leaders.
KYFBAK-1102 KFB's Cloyce Hinkle says Kentucky farmers are expanding horticulture production.
KYFBAK-1103 KFB's Jackson Tolle says registration is now open for the Institute For Future Ag Leaders program this summer.
12 March 21-25 KYFBAK-1201 Hart County's Mitchell Logsdon reminds farmers and motorists to keep safety first this year.
KYFBAK-1202 KFB's Scott Christmas says there's a lot to celebrate in this year's Food Checkout Day.
KYFBAK-1203 KFB's Sharri Robinson says Ag Literacy isn't a message just for kids.
13 Mar 28-April 1 KYFBAK-1301 KFB First Vice President Eddie Melton asks motorists to keep watch for farm machines this Spring.
KYFBAK-1302 AFBF President Zippy Duvall says family farms come in all sizes.
KYFBAK-1303 AFBF Economist Shelby Myers says even with high commodity prices, some farmers may not show a profit this year.
14 April 5-9 KYFBAK-1401 KFB's Tim Goodlett says the State Tax Advisory Committee keeps a constant watch for changes to tax laws.
KYFBAK-1402 KFB Young Farmers and Ranchers Chair Taylor Jones says the state board welcomes the views of the next generation.
KYFBAK-1403 KFB's Melissa Huggett is a recent graduate of the AFBF Women's Communication Bootcamp.
15 April 12-16 KYFBAK-1501 KFB's Tim Thornberry says the April edition of Kentucky Farm Bureau News discusses the need for domestic energy production.
KYFBAK-1502 KFB Second Vice President Sharon Furches says the Master Settlement Agreement is invaluable for Kentucky agriculture.
KYFBAK-1503 KFB Executive Vice President Drew Graham says Kentuckians have reached out to help with tornado relief.
16 April 19-23 KYFBAK-1601 KFB President Mark Haney says farmers care for their community and their neighbors.
KYFBAK-1602 KFB First Vice President Eddie Melton hopes supply chain issues don't affect the 2022 planting season.
KYFBAK-1603 KFB Farm Safety and Rural Health Committee Chairman Mitchell Logsdon reminds farmers to plan for safety this Spring.
17 April 26-30 KYFBAK-1701 Nutrien Atmospheric Scientist Eric Snodgrass says there's an elevated chance for a hot dry summer.
KYFBAK-1702 KFB's Jeff Harper says agriculture fared well in this round of the Kentucky General Assembly.
KYFBAK-1703 KFB's John Sparrow says the annual Clays for a Cause event helps hungry Kentuckians.
18 May 3-7 KYFBAK-1801 KFB President Mark Haney says the Kentucky Derby marks a celebration of the state's equine industry.
KYFBAK-1802 KFB's Alex Barnett says horses are big business for lots of farms in the Commonwealth.
KYFBAK-1803 KFB's Fran McCall says Spring and Mothers Day are two big reasons to visit the state's certified farm markets.
19 May 10-14 KYFBAK-1901 Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says Russian aggression in Ukraine is affecting global agriculture.
KYFBAK-1902 KFB Second Vice President Sharon Furches believes Kentucky voters should always show up at the polls.
KYFBAK-1903 KFB's Tim Thornberry previews the May edition of Kentucky Farm Bureau News.
20 May 17-21 KYFBAK-2001 KFB First Vice President Eddie Melton says maintaining rural roads and bridges is a top priority for Kentucky Farm Bureau.
KYFBAK-2002 Green County Extension Agent for Agriculture and Natural Resources Ricky Arnette says research is key to sucdessful farming.
KYFBAK-2003 Farmer and KFB Board Member Ray Allen Mackey says the Spring of 2022 has been challenging.
21 May 24-28 KYFBAK-2101 KFB Executive Vice President Drew Graham salutes the soldier's sacrifice this Memorial Day.
KYFBAK-2102 Kentucky Beef Producer Shane Wiseman says good forages are key to successful beef production.
KYFBAK-2103 Senate Ag Committee Ranking Member John Boozman says Washington is looking for ways to boost ag production.
22 May 31- June 4 KYFBAK-2201 KFB First Vice President Eddie Melton says planting the 2022 crop was expensive.
KYFBAK-2202 KFB's Joe Paul Mattingly says June Dairy Month brings a sobering look at the state's dairy industry.
KYFBAK-2203 KFB's Scott Christmas says teachers are encouraged to sign up for KFB Regional Teacher Workshops.
23 June 7-11 KYFBAK-2301 Sheldon McKinney says thousands of Kentucky ag youth will be in Lexington for the state FFA convention.
KYFBAK-2302 KFB's Jackson Tolle says 90 Kentucky ag youth will participate in the annual IFAL program this summer.
KYFBAK-2303 KFB President Mark Haney says leadership development is a top priority for Kentucky Farm Bureau.
24 June 14-18 KYFBAK-2401 KFB Executive Vice President Drew Graham says good will flowed from the tornado relief effort.
KYFBAK-2402 KFB Women's Committee Chair Mary Jane Cannon says women are playing a greater role in the public eye.
KYFBAK-2403 Melissa Miller says hundreds of Kentucky 4-H members will be on the UK campus this week.
25 June 21-25 KYFBAK-2501 KFB Second Vice President Sharon Furches says Vision 100 is an ongoing effort to grow the organization.
KYFBAK-2502 KFB's Fran McCall says the annual Certified Farm Market Tour gives the state's growers a chance to see new ideas.
KYFBAK-2503 KFB Young Farmer and Rancher Committe Chair Taylor Jones says input costs are a challenge for all growers.
26 June 28- July 2 KYFBAK-2601 KFB's Renee Carrico says AGLand will be back at the Kentucky State Fair this year.
KYFBAK-2602 KFB's Todd Bright says they're looking for performers for the annual KFB Gospel Music Showcase.
KYFBAK-2603 KFB First Vice President Eddie Melton says the policy development process is already underway for 2022.
27 July 5-9 KYFBAK-2701 KYFB Executive Vice President Drew Graham believes we should celebrate our freedom every day.
KYFBAK-2702 Oldham County FB Prsident Kevin Jeffries says they've been proactive toward grain bin safety.
KYFBAK-2703 Kentucky Department of Agriculture's Dale Dobson says Raising Hope is an effort to prevent farmer suicide.
28 July 12-16 KYFBAK-2801 KFB First Vice President Eddie Melton says a proposed SEC rule could impact Kentucky farmers.
KYFBAK-2802 KFB President Mark Haney says collegiate farm bureau chapters meet an important leadership objective.
KYFBAK-2803 KFB's Jackson Tolle says collegiate farm bureau chapters compliment the Young Farmer Program.
29 July 19-23 KYFBAK-2901 Cecilia Banks is helping lead the Murray State University Farm Bureau Club back in action.
KYFBAK-2902 Ohio's Jill Kilger says the Eastern Kentucky University Farm Bureu reaches out to all students.
KYFBAK-2903 Lee Ann Jones says being a student led club is a real advantage for Morehead State University's Farm Bureau Club.
30 July 26-30 KYFBAK-3001 Education Committee Chair Mark Kinsley says KFB supports ag education and teachers.
KYFBAK-3002 Natural Resources Committee Chair Larry Thomas says Kentucky farmers need tools to protect crops and the environment.
KYFBAK-3003 Communications Director Todd Bright says KFB wants to recognize outstanding efforts in agriculture public relations.
31 August 2-6 KYFBAK-3101 KFB First Vice President Eddie Melton says modern chemistry is important for environmental stewardship and productivity.
KYFBAK-3102 President Mark Haney says the 2022 KFB Board Tour will expand state leaders understanding of regional ag issues.
KYFBAK-3103 Billy Toombs says Kentucky Farm Bureau awarded a record number of scholarships in 2022.
32 August 9-13 KYFBAK-3201 KFB First Vice President Eddie Melton says some crops suffered damage from early season drought.
KYFBAK-3202 KFB Lead Class Member Melissa Hugget says the experience helped her see agriculture from a different perspective. 
KYFBAK-3203 KY FFA State Sentinel Leslie Monhollen enjoyed leadership training at the KFB state headquarters.
33 August 16-20 KYFBAK-3301  
34 August 23-27 KYFBAK-3401  
35 August 30- Sep 3 KYFBAK-3501  
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39 Sep 27- Oct 1 KYFBAK-3901  
40 Oct 4-8 KYFBAK-4001  
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50 Dec 13-17 KYFBAK-5001  
51 Dec 20-24 KYFBAK-5101  
52 Dec 27-31 KYFBAK-5201